Rogowski coils

Flexibility in both measurement range and installation.
Coils named after Walter Rogowski can be considered the future of current transformers.Rogowski windings offer unprecedented versatility in the spectrum of current transformers.Unlike traditional current transformers, Rogowski coils do not contain a magnetic core that could saturate and cause measurement errors or even safety hazards.They are safer to use as they generate less dangerous voltages.In addition, the Rogowski coil’s missing magnetic core allows the coil to be smaller and lighter.Rogowski coils can measure a wide range of currents, from milliamps to hundreds of kiloamps.Their versatility sets them apart from other flow meters.They are used in many applications, such as in power electronics for measuring impulse currents or for measuring transient currents in high-power electrical circuits.Rogowski coils are flexible and can be easily wrapped around irregularly shaped wires.This flexibility allows for easy installation in tight spaces, making them ideal for applications with limited space.Rogowski coils also offer excellent accuracy and linearity over a wide range of currents and are critical in applications where accuracy is paramount, such as power monitoring.Thanks to these advantages, the Rogowski coil has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional current transformers, offering a new approach to current measurement.Their safety, flexibility and accuracy make them an attractive choice for today’s electrical measurement applications worldwide.
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