Panasonic new generation LP-ZV series fiber laser

The LP-ZV series fiber laser replaces the LP-Z and LP-M series lasers.

The lasers of this series can simultaneously mark surfaces of different heights, as well as spherical, cylindrical and conical, concave and convex surfaces – the distance of the surface to be marked can differ from the focus by up to +-25 mm.

The powers of the new lasers are 20 and 50 W, the size of the area to be marked at the same time is 1258 x x125 mm, 220 x 220 mm or 330 x 330 mm.

LP-ZV series lasers can use a very short pulse – from 1 ns, which allows to ensure particularly accurate and high-quality marking on various materials.

In the new model, the writing head can be disconnected from the fiber, which greatly simplifies the installation of the writing head in devices.

See the technical data of the new model on the attached data sheet Datasheet_ZV



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